See through observation hive with brood
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Study Hive


Observation Study Hive for queen emerging, mating and nucleus build up with one brood frame.

Product Description

This is a see-through study hive, which can contain one brood frame and is ideal for purposes such as queen emerging, mating and nucleus build up. It is supplied with black out shutters, feeder bottles and a storage case.

The modular design allows for extra frames (brood or super) to be added. These are available separately from us. The ventilation holes at the top of the hive also serve to allow our feeder bottles to remain in place.

Zinc-coated toggle clamps allow for extra-secure, precise fitting of the different parts of the unit. The attached safety pins can then be pushed through pilot bushes to prevent accidental opening of the hive either in transit or while on show.

The shutters are provided to protect the glass when the hive is not needed for viewing. These slide into place to cover both sides of the brood viewing area.

Delivery is normally made ex stock within 2-3 days from receipt of cleared payment by electronic bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.