Dual Hive with Extra Super
Observation hive showing frame of brood in viewing areaObservation Hive with blackout screensObservation Hive with super and brood frame configurationTop view of observation hive super moduleObservation Hive Super viewing frame with Queen ExcluderObservation Hive Toggle Clamp with locking Safety Pin

Dual Langstroth Observation Hive


The Dual Langstroth observation hive is ideal for use either as a portable or semi-permanent hive.

Precise fitting toggle clamps enable the super to be attached firmly to the brood frame viewing window. Now a fully modular design, it allows bees to be displayed with or without the super. Please note that photographs displayed on this page are of our standard Dual. The Langstroth version uses an identical design.

Product Description

We are proud to offer our Dual Langstroth observation hive.

It was developed in response to feedback from our existing customers, who wanted a design which more accurately reflected the brood/ super configuration in action.

Having all the features of our original portable hive as its basis, ‘The Dual’ Langstroth hive benefits from our unique, new modular design and is ideal for use either as a portable or semi-permanent hive. To enable bees to enter and leave the hive when used internally, the turret opening in the brood chamber now allows for a length of hose to be attached to outdoors.

This configuration incorporates a super above the standard brood frame viewing window. Improved, zinc-coated toggle clamps allow for extra-secure, precise fitting of the super unit. The attached safety pins can then be pushed through pilot bushes to prevent accidental opening of the hive either in transit or while on show. If the super is removed, the top cover can be attached to the brood frame window by means of the toggle clamps.

A queen excluder is provided which fits snugly into the bottom of the super module and can be easily withdrawn. With the excluder inserted this shows a conventional hive setup. When the excluder is taken out, this illustrates a brood and a half set up.

As with the main viewing area, shutters are provided to protect the glass when not needed for viewing. These slide into place to cover both sides of the brood viewing area and the super unit.

‘The Dual’ Langstroth hive is supplied in a strong packing case.¬† This can be used for storing the hive over winter or for its transport. Delivery is normally made ex stock within 2-3 days from receipt of cleared payment by electronic bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 66 x 31 x 60 cm