Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled below a list of frequently asked questions about our Dual hives. These are currently available in Langstroth versions only. If you need further information, please use the Contact Form.

How heavy is the hive?
The basic portable hive weighs 16 kgs when empty (18 kgs with transit case). Including bees it would weigh no more than 17 kgs.

How long can bees survive in the hive?
For a one day show the queen can be placed in the viewing area in the frame she is on.
For a 3-4 day show new bee keepers are advised to seek advice from an experienced bee keeper regarding:

  • the number of bees to put into the hive
  • the amount of stores required
  • the make-up of the exhibition frame.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, our standard packing is suitable for export. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Do you make a 14 x 12 version?
No, unfortunately the National and 14 x 12 versions are no longer available.

What thickness glass do you use?
We use 4mm Pilkington glass. Our units have to be well packed as glass is not insured in transit. To date we have had no breakages in over 60 units shipped.

How is ventilation regulated in the observation hive?
This can be increased or decreased by:

  1.  Movement of the varroa check board, which can be taken out completely.
  2. A light through-draft can be obtained by opening the top ventilator in the upper chamber. Condensation is not usually a problem; water spray can be applied through the ventilation hole if need be.

What insulation is there?

When the hive is used for observing bees, this should not be an issue. Used as a nucleus hive outdoors, treat in the established manner.

What type of catches do you use?
Apart from those which lock the entrance in either the open or closed position, the catches are high quality, zinc-coated Protex ones, which allow an element of spring deflection.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by electronic transfer and shipment can also be made against a cleared cheque. Alternatively you can now use Paypal. To pay by credit or debit cards, please select the Paypal option and follow the instructions. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by card.